Sara Joyce artwork donation to the Boise Art Museum


Sara Joyce artwork donation to the Boise Art Museum

Boise Art Museum is pleased to announce a donation from the Family of Artist Sara Joyce of three artworks by the Idaho artist. The gift includes the following works: Ladder, ceramic; Mamie, mixed media sculpture; and Excavation, oil on canvas. Joining a robust Northwest collection at the Boise Art Museum, these three works represent, through a variety of aesthetic forms and media, Joyce’s creative achievement as an artist. This addition also strengthens BAM’s holdings of Idaho art.

Sara Joyce (1923-2011) was a prolific artist whose practice was heavily influenced by her eclectic interests. She was a voracious reader, and researched topics related to mythology, symbolism, Jungian psychology, Eastern philosophy, and religion. At Idaho State University she studied archeology, astronomy, literature, and linguistics. Her dreams were a daily source of inspiration throughout her artistic career, as evidenced by the fact that she chronicled them in her journals. These unique and varied interests are reflected in the gifts presented to BAM.

Boise Art Museum is grateful to the Family of Artist Sara Joyce for their vision and generosity for the benefit of our community.

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