BAM’s New U.S. Citizens Membership Program


New U.S. Citizens Membership Program

Boise Art Museum is pleased to announce BAM’s New U.S. Citizens Membership Program. This new initiative provides free, one-year, family-level memberships to newly naturalized U.S. citizens living in Idaho within one year of naturalization. By inviting new U.S. citizens to become members of the Museum and welcoming participation, we diversify our society and create a space to gather, to make connections to people with similar interests and values, to develop a deeper sense of self and community, and to bridge perceived divides across cultures. Through this program, Boise Art Museum demonstrates its commitment to global inclusion as well as human rights and its concern for establishing a safe place in which art heals, expands minds, builds tolerance, and transcends boundaries.

Supported by Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley

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