Terry and Julia BowmanTerry Bowman’s interest in art began through his own practice as a painter.  He and Julia began collecting ceramics by John Takehara in 1982 and eventually sponsored John’s Ceramic Tour of the Northwest.  In 2007, the Bowmans moved back to Boise and became members of the Boise Art Museum. They became more involved with BAM through the More Than a Pretty Face program, commissioning works by local artists Divit Cordoza, Francis Fox, and Christine Raymond.

When asked what he most enjoys about the Boise Art Museum, Terry quickly replied, “Seeing the artwork!”  The Bowmans are also fond of attending special events and programs at BAM.  “We really enjoy programs such as More Than a Pretty Face and First Thursday Art Talks because they present opportunities to actually meet the artists and learn about their process.”

In a generous bequest that will enhance the overall quality of BAM’s Permanent Collection, Terry and Julia Bowman will donate 12 works of art matching BAM’s Collecting Mission, including artworks by Idaho ceramist John Takehara. “We wish to help broaden BAM’s Permanent Collection in order to benefit the community,” Terry said.  “BAM is a significant part of Boise that makes it a premiere place to live.  Contributions and legacy gifts ensure BAM’s role in the community.”

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