Mary Lou OrndorffMary Lou’s gift was realized in 2019, so her contributions to the Museum will live on for future generations.

Here is our interview with her in 2013:

Mary Lou is an accomplished watercolorist who has been involved with the Museum in numerous capacities over the years.  She began volunteering at BAM as an Art Ambassador and later became a Docent in 1998. She found great pleasure in leading groups of elementary students through the exhibitions.  “Their questions were great and they really enjoyed the time spent away from the classroom. The school children were still very expressive and curious.”

Beyond her own enjoyment in leading tours, Mary Lou noticed another result of the BAM school tours. “I really like what the docent program does for the community, especially the school children. The tour program offers exposure to the arts that students may not receive otherwise.  For some students, the school tour at BAM might be their first time visiting a museum. The tour is a fun way to learn and they’re not graded on the projects they complete so it offers an alternative learning environment.  I always enjoyed being a part of that.” Mary Lou hopes that her legacy gift will help the Museum’s educational programs continue to flourish, giving more Idaho students access to the arts.

When asked what she would say to others who might be considering a planned gift to the Museum Mary Lou offered, “I truly have my heart invested in the Museum.  It is rewarding to know that you are giving something to young people.  I hope to provide school children with an opportunity that they might not have otherwise.”

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