Marti and Bill AglerMarti Agler first brought students to the Boise Art Museum when she was teaching in Mountain Home. When she moved to Boise and taught in the Gifted Program in 1991, she began escorting student groups to the Museum on a regular basis. It was around that time that she helped develop a Junior Docent program with BAM’s Education department and a BAM Docent, to provide students with the opportunity to complete docent training and put their knowledge of the exhibitions to use on First Thursdays. After Marti retired in 2005 she became a Docent at the Boise Art Museum.

“Learning is big for me, as well as developing an appreciation for art,” Marti said. In particular,
she has learned to slow down her own
evaluation process when viewing artwork. “I used to make quick judgments about art, however, being involved with the Museum has really helped make me stop, look, and think about the artwork. In taking my time, I discover a renewed appreciation of the techniques used and the message the artist is trying to communicate.”

Bill Agler is quick to remark that “making my wife happy” is a great benefit of their involvement with BAM. Marti enjoys her time spent at the Museum and believes that it is important to guarantee that these offerings will continue in the future. She and Bill will make a contribution to BAM with the intention of perpetuating a higher quality of life for community members.

“It is important to see the big picture in the community,” Marti said. “Boise will grow and flourish if we can offer businesses and citizens opportunities to have cultural experiences, job opportunities, and recreation. So, let’s make a viable, lasting community.” Marti suggests this advice to those considering making a planned gift. “Pick your poison. Choose what is important to you, and help to make it better. My passion is the visual arts!”

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