Kay Hardy and Gregory KasloEarly childhood experiences at the Boise Art Museum along with encouragement from her parents provided the foundation for Kay Hardy’s commitment to the arts.  “Art and the making of it excited me as a child,” she shared. “I love returning to my own childhood by engaging with families on Toddler Wednesdays.  Getting down on the floor with the kids to explore the world of art and creating with my young art buddies is particularly enjoyable.”

Gregory Kaslo lived much of his life in New Mexico where the artistic heritage is rich and vibrant.  When the couple moved to Boise from Santa Fe, Kay served on numerous committees, including the Art Acquisitions committee of Collectors Forum and the museum’s Collection committee.  She also served as a Trustee and was a member of the Executive Committee.

Through a generous gift and bequest of 75 modern and contemporary ceramics for BAM’s 75th Anniversary, Kay and Gregory wish to expand BAM’s collection into more contemporary ceramics and complete BAM’s existing modern collection.  “I wished to continue the legacy of John Takehara with whom I studied ceramics in the Art Department at Boise State University,” Kay said. “I loved working with the expressive medium of clay and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for ceramics with BAM’s audience.”

When asked what she would say to others who might be considering a planned gift to the Museum, Kay responded, “As collecting institutions, Museums enlarge their collections primarily through gifts. Objects tell a story about our individual and collective histories which are intertwined throughout time.  Gifts of art to an institution such as BAM provide opportunities for access to this creative history.  A planned gift is a commitment to the community by assisting the Museum in its mission.”

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