Besse LaBuddeBesse’s gift was realized in 2014, so her contributions to the Museum will live on for future generations.

Here is our interview with Besse in 2013:

Besse began volunteering at BAM as an Art Ambassador in 1999. She spent her time greeting visitors to the Museum and informing them of the current exhibitions.  In 2002 she took on a new challenge and became a BAM Docent, leading tours through the Museum exhibitions.  Her involvement with the Docent Program allowed Besse the opportunity to be both a student and a teacher. “I come to the museum to learn. I love to learn about the art.” She shared her knowledge of each exhibition with visitors and student groups.

Even with regular visits to the Museum, Besse said that there is always something new to see or a new way of seeing.  She savored the less tangible impact that art has on the viewer. “When I visit BAM I can enjoy beauty in front of me, on either side, and above my head.  Beauty inspires awe. It is what makes one take a moment to pause, observe and contemplate.”  These reflective moments are what Besse enjoyed most about visiting the Boise Art Museum.

Through her legacy gift, Besse supported the core strength of BAM’s Permanent Collection so that others can enjoy and appreciate the Boise Art Museum as she has.  She believed that making a planned gift to BAM is an important investment in the future of the Boise community.  Besse’s legacy gift was realized in 2015, allowing the Museum to acquire “Hog in da Pen” by Loretta Pettway and “Strip Quilt” by Mary Lee Bendolph, both of which are Gee’s Bend Quilts.  These artworks will serve as a symbol of Besse’s volunteerism and generosity to the Boise Art Museum for generations to come and will provide us with powerful visual vehicles to talk about important social issues.

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