A Life Told Through Pictures: James Castle, Idaho Artist, 1899-1977

James Castle was a genius in art.  He learned how to draw without anyone teaching him.  He made sense of the world around him by creating art.  Inspired by what he saw during his everyday experiences, he made complex drawings and constructions.  Even though James Castle could not hear, and he could not speak, this didn’t stop him from making art.  His artwork shows what is possible with a unique perspective and a creative drive.
This is the story of James Castle and the life he told through pictures.
Since first displaying his art in 1963, the Boise Art Museum has collected the work of Idaho artist James Castle through donations and purchases.  As a result, the Museum has the largest body of his works in a museum collection.
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American Alliance of Museums – 1st Place Award for Publication Design
BAM’s first children’s book, A Life Told Through Pictures: James Castle, Idaho Artist, 1899-1977, won the First Place Award for Publication Design in the American Alliance of Museums’ national competition

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