The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories

Inspiring,  vibrant and fun, this exhibition explores the meanings of shoes, presenting 120  playful, imaginative and provocative objects. Shoes speak to style,  fashion and individuality, yet they also tell stories, expressing more than  their role as footwear. Shoes reflect the time and place of their  creation, providing unique insights into human history and identity. The  100 contemporary artists whose shoe-inspired artworks are presented in The  Perfect Fit are motivated by these themes, creating objects of wit, whimsy  and visual pizzazz.

The Perfect Fit:  Shoes Tell Stories  was organized by Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts, Wendy Tarlow Kaplan, Curator.  This exhibition has been made possible through partial funding of the Caroline R. Graboys fund.

Sponsored by KeyBank with additional support from Dillard’s.

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