Stephen Knapp: Lightpaintings

Deriving inspiration from his studies of light, color, dimension, space and perception, artist Stephen Knapp will create an eighty-foot-long multi-dimensional composition of light in BAM’s Sculpture Court. The artist’s site-specific Lightpainting will embody a unique and original form of art that integrates sculptural, architectural and visual elements to transform the environment.  This exhibition is the third exhibition featured in BAM’s Threads of Perception Series.

Lightpaintings are an outgrowth of Knapp’s longtime interest in various media including photography, ceramics and kiln-formed glass. In his work he achieves the perceptual presence of such artists as Robert Irwin and James Turrell.  Recent exhibitions have been presented at Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts, Flint Institute of the Arts and Midland Center for the Arts in Michigan.

Sponsored by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation with additional support provided by URS

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