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The Boise Art Museum’s 75th Anniversary exhibition in 2012 is a celebration of the Museum’s Permanent Collection, highlighting over 100 important artworks in a variety of mediums and from both historical and contemporary periods.  The exhibition is being selected from over 3,000 artworks which have been donated or purchased by the Museum from 1937 through 2012.

A special feature of the exhibition will be an innovative presentation in which artworks are displayed in unexpected visual relationships.  Each artwork will cue the viewer to look for a related association with a corresponding object.  Entertaining pairings will be linked by themes such as the natural world, fashion, sport, food or childhood.  In this unique curatorial approach, artworks are intended to be seen in a new way, with ironic, paradoxical, poignant, or humorous connections.

The arrangement of artworks in the exhibition is being designed to ignite the viewer’s imagination and prompt the audience to become visually engaged in a game of discovery.

The diverse selection of Museum treasures – fine art, sculpture, pottery, textile and mixed media works – will reveal fascinating points of comparison between different art forms across cultures, continents and time.

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