Myths, Fables, and Fortunes: Our Place within the Landscape

November 4, 2023 - Ongoing

Myths, Fables, and Fortunes is a journey of discovery focused on the natural environment of the Northwest. Drawn from the Museum’s Permanent Collection and spanning over six decades, the exhibition highlights our shifting perspectives and connection with the land during a period of dramatic change and development.

Our relationship with the land conveys a compelling narrative of who we are as individuals and as a culture. With nature as the setting– its forests, plants, rivers, and animals – these artists share critical stories and lessons that both inform and shape the destiny of future generations. Whether conveying the iconic beauty and grandeur of the wilderness, or probing the complex environmental, social, and economic issues entwined with our shared ecology, the works in Myths, Fables, and Fortunes reveal our ever-evolving connection to the natural world.

Organized by the Boise Art Museum

A twelve-foot-wide, horizontal, abstract painting features layers of thick lines and arcs, with visible brushstrokes and dripping paint. The background is a blur of dark green and brown tones. Brighter overlapping lines of color in white, yellow, light green, and orange, appear in the center, including a thick white arc on the right. A prominent, dark brown, vertical shape crosses the painting near the center, leaning slightly to the left. Additional brown lines at various angles connect to the larger shape, like the branches of a tree.

Lucinda Parker
Ledge and Swamp, 2000
acrylic on canvas
60″ x 145″
Purchased with funds donated in part by Howard and Dottie Goldman
Boise Art Museum Permanent Collection

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