Corrugated: Sculpture by Ann Weber

California artist Ann Weber transforms the ordinary medium of cardboard into impressive large-scale sculptures reminiscent of pods, gourds and organic spires.  The sculptures have the appearance of large baskets woven into monumental forms with a rich patina created from layers of shellac applied to the surface. Visitors walk among and through the towering shapes, some as large as 16 feet tall, in an oversized wonderland of contoured forms.  Weber, who began her career as a ceramic artist, started working with the lighter medium of cardboard in 1991 and finds great interest in the possibility of making beautiful objects from common and mundane materials.  Weber received her BA from Purdue University and her MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts where she studied with renowned ceramic sculptor Viola Frey.  Organized by the Boise Art Museum.

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