Fact or Fiction

Fact or FictionHours & Admission Guidelines to Visit BAM Exhibitions Tours Calendar Accessibility & Services Photography Policy BAM Store March 18 – May 23, 2014 Students analyze the combination of historical archives and popular culture in Anna Fidler’s large-scale artwork, which depict historic portraits as vampires and wolf men. In the studios, students manipulate photographs and create their own imaginative characters from folklore. (Relates to regional history, popular culture, portraiture, and literature) Upcoming EventsArt in the Park September 6, 2024... Read More >>

Idaho Artists

Students explore the Idaho Triennial and discover how artwork from across the state reflects the landmarks, issues, and history of Idaho. In the studios, students investigate the connections between artists and their communities before expressing their own ideas about place in a work of art. (Relates to Idaho history, community, identity, and social studies)


Mars Stories

Students become detectives, scientists, and historians as they observe and interpret stories of arrival, exploration, the West, and Mars. In the studios, students create images that relate plausible, albeit fictional stories of the past, present, or future. (Relates to social studies, history, science, and world cultures)


Cultural Portraits

Students examine the vibrant, large-scale portraits of Kehinde Wiley’s World Stage: Israel and uncover a global youth culture rich with symbols, music, color, and art history. In the studios, students interpret their own cultural influences by creating self-portraits with colorful backgrounds. (Relates to world cultures, geography, identity, social studies, and portraiture)